Teach Your Children Well. . . FREEBIE!

How about a FREEBIE just for kids??? Kids are the future, we need to teach them about protecting our wonderful mother Earth!

We have several SMALLER bags in some fun kid fabrics we would like to share with you, I mean, your kids! Who can get a bag? Any kid who doesn't have a bag. . .

What you need to do:



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Happy posting! Teresa


mummy2jj said...

my son would use this bag to carry his things to playgroup and also to carry his toys when we go out!


Grace said...

I have one of your wonderful bags that goes with me to the grocery store each week.

I asked my daughter and she said she would use it to carry her music, etc. to mandolin lesson. She would carry books to the library in it and take it to the grocery store like I do.

Thanks for helping us teach our children not to accept plastic bags.

Bagette Dad said...

Now if we could only teach adults to READ. You MUST leave your email address!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My three year old daughter loves seeing me pull out my Green Bag Lady bags when we do our grocery shopping or errand to the library. I know she would love having her own "pretty" bag to use for her toys and treasures....just like Mommy!
Amy in Texas

Anonymous said...

My Children would love to have their own bags to use to take their bibles and toys to church, and to use for many other things as well. I have a boy(9)girl(4)and girl(3). Thank you, your bags are wonderful and send a powerful message to children.

The Handmade Expo and Handmade Heaven said...

My Cooper is 20 months old. He would use it to put his things in that he takes to daycare. He does have a "thomas" bag, but he would much prefer a handmade green bag. He is already dressed from head to toe in handmade, so why not a bag handmade as well.
Thanks for the opp.


Anonymous said...

I have one of your AWESOME bags... which reminds me I STILL need to send you the picture. I use it just for going to the store, ANY store, and when we go to the library. The girls are starting to check out books on their own so that is where they would use the bag.. That and taking toys too and from their gram's house. They are always trying to use my bag even when it has stuff in it. :)

Thanks for helping us teach our children not to use plastic bags.


Sumithra said...

Hi There,

My 3 year old loves bags and she loves to pack either her snacks, books or toys to bring where ever she goes(Disney car bag). It makes her feel as she is helping me and a gives her sense of belonging/responsibility as she see grown ups (me)carry my share of groceries, library materials etc.

Eventually, I guess she would learn that using re usuable bags like mommy would benefit in keeping our world much greener.

Thank You

heather said...

My son would use this bag with his play kitchen and grocery cart to be like mom with her reusable bags at the grocery store. He would also use it to take his things to the swimming pool and the library!


Changing the Pace said...

I have three daughters. They always want to bring stuff when we go somewhere. They could use the bags to carry their books and toys in the car. They could also use them to help me out at the grocery store.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking your time and your talent to teach so many!!!! I am working with my three girls to recycle. They love to go and put it in the bins themselves. This would be another great way to help save our planet!

sweetpea said...

You know we will use them!!!! Like mother like daughters! They steal mine all of the time to take things to practices or dance, or a sleepover, or just to organize the things we tote to the car...and YES they even use the when playing grocery...you have had an impact on them!!!

Sharee said...

I love this idea! Keep doing what you're doing!

Anonymous said...

My children said that they would use the bag to carry their few toys to synagogue. We walk so things are always getting lost or left. Thanks, being a green mom, I love to teach the children all the same.
Amy in the Deep South!
goldkingangof7 (at) gmail (dot) com

Stephanie said...

I have 4 children...2 boys and 2 girls... who would love bags to carry their books and markers in the car, as well as books back and forth from the library.

We are so grateful for your wonderful generosity and example of being "green." :-)


Grace said...

Thanks Bagette Dad! I thought I had left my email (I guess because it asked for it in the comment box) - I can read by the way - just not that well I guess!

Gracescotkeith at hotmail dot com

Bagette Dad said...

Grace, You are forgiven.

Kelly said...

This is so wonderful, and I would be thrilled for my kiddos to have a bag just their size! I have four kiddos ranging from age 9 to 14 months. They all haul things around! My 9 year old son loves bringing Hardy Boys books on errands, my 7 year old daughter loves to bring her coloring gear, my three year old son always has treasures with him and my youngest boy always has diapers and snacks in tow (with mom's help!).

Thank you!!!


Kelly said...

Oh bummer, I guess I missed out! I'm in Oregon :(.

Bagette Dad said...

Not to worry. Good comment.