Update from the Smoky Mountain Bag Lady


I just dropped off 12 quilts, 15 receiving blankets, 4 burp cloths and a package of diapers today at Gayle's house (our tireless president of the East TN chapter of NIN.) Attached is a photo of my cat Patch with the bags of goodies for NIN (Newborns in Need). Patch prefers to sit in my lap while I sew and reluctantly settles for a spot under my chair. I made the bags out of Gayle's old basement curtains, and NIN volunteers are using the Green Bag Lady pattern to make tote bags for the newborn take-home kits. The bags are a great use of the non-baby fabric that is donated to NIN!

Perfect timing on the fabric! (Green Bag Lady is sending Sara a box) Gayle said the blanket supply is running low because of the demand this time of year. I'll have plenty of off-the-road downtime during the holidays to sew. My goal is to sew my way out of my craft room :-)

All my best!


Smoky Mountain Bag Lady

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