Hawaii Bag Family!

Aloha Teresa!

Sorry my picture is so late! I took it awhile ago but got distracted in the past few months! I just want to tell you that we love using your bags and it makes us feel good that we're doing something good for the earth. I got a lot of compliments on them too! We use them not only for grocery shopping, but for regular shopping too!

I'm also sending you some fabric too. I hope you like it and get it soon! I think you'll like it! Put it to good use!

Take Care!
Cindy Chun - Hawaii - USA - # 6572
Jon Chun - Hawaii - USA - #6574
Merik Chun - Hawaii - USA - #6571
Caleb Chun - Hawaii - #6570

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I have known Cindy for almost 20 years. We met when she was an exchange student at the University of Minnesota. We worked together at Northrop Auditorium. I'll never forget one night when The Nutcracker was on stage in the background and Cindy was staring out the window in awe. I asked her what she was looking at. She said, "Look at how beautiful it is! I have never seen snow before!" Cindy, thank you for opening my eyes to the beauty of something I grew up with and had taken for granted. I am like Cindy now when it snows here it Nashville. It is truly beautiful, just like darling Cindy and her family! Look at those boys!

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Teresa

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