Produce Bag Freebie Update. . .

And the winners are:

Apples with 17 votes
Avocados with 12 votes
Bananas with 10 votes

The people winners have been contacted by Bagette Dad. Please check your spam folder in case the email went there. Congrats to the 14 winners!!!!

And, as promised, I will donate $51 (actually, I will round it up to $100) to Haiti relief for Holy Name parish in Port-au-prince this weekend at church. Thanks for the comments.

Have a fabulous weekend. I will be sewing, you? Teresa

P.S. Like the fruit face above? I spent at least 10 minutes making it in Photoshop!


Lisa said...

Yay!! I was one of the winners, I already received an email from Baggette Dad! I'm so excited. Like I told Baggette Dad when I replied to him this bags keep disappearing every time a friend or family comes to visit!
Thanks so much!

PS - Love the smiley face!

The Simple Country Chick said...

Yay I was a winner too and I like your smiley face. Thank you for doing this amazing giveaway. I am loving it so much that I am going to make some and give them away on my site too. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Love the smiley face! And of course I'll be sewing!

Bagette April

cindy said...

Love the fruit face!
Crafting as well.

MissesStitches said...

It is a very nice, happy face, Teresa! Good job!

Beth said...

I was a winner too! I am so excited to get the bags and start using them!!!