500th FREEBIE!

Yes, this is it folks, post number 500! Have I really had that much to say? About bags? I have talked about other green things too. To prove it, I am giving away a COMPOST KEEPER like the one pictured above (veggies not included). Yes, it is red. So cute.

This is what I am hoping, that this will gently nudge many of you to start composting. It is easy. Really. I promise. I do it every day. I did a post about it here to help you. I am not sure why composting isn't a way of life for everyone, it would certainly save a lot of landfill space! And, you get great dirt for your garden. For free.

To win the Compost Keeper:

•LEAVE A COMMENT, IN THE COMMENT LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THIS FORMAT: name(at)something(dot)com it is important to spell out dot and at so you don't get spam, if you DO NOT leave an email address, we will not hunt you down to send you a freebie, thanks.

•In the comment tell me if you compost, if you don't, tell me if you plan to start.


•We will be giving ONE Compost Keeper. However, if you leave a nice comment and don't already have a bag from us, Bagette Dad will send you one. :)

•We LOVE comments and FREEBIES so tell all your friends!

Good Luck! Teresa



Jessica said...

This is so cool!

Harmony said...

Wow... 500 posts! CONGRATS!
As fond as I am of keeping my compost in a reused Costco mushroom plastic container... I think I would use this zippy red one with pride!


Holly said...

I've been eying one of these for ages. We use an old coffee container from Trader Joe's...not too pretty but it gets the job done.

Anonymous said...

Such a cute compost bucket! Would love to have it! The red would go perfectly in my kitchen!
Lucy Crawford
info (at) crawfordcreativegroup (dot) com

Blissful Nibbles said...

I like! I like!... :D I may not win this but I just like to join. :)
we used to do composting when we were kids because we had to tend a vegetable garden... guess we need to get back to it to have free fertilizer for our plants. :)


Kelly said...

I didn't even know these kind of containers were out there. My kitchen is accented in red and I would really like to start composting, so please enter me. Thank you so much for the very generous offer. sewingandxstitching (at) verizon (dot) net

andrea said...

no as of now i do not compost, but with a growing toddler and a dog there isn't usually much left over to compost anyway! i would love to start composting, my main obstacle is living in a townhome under HOA restrictions, and only having a 10x6 'yard'...*sigh* but a lot more has been done with a lot less so i can't complain!


Kristen said...

500th posts...that's pretty amazing! I recently joined and do not have one of your fabulous bags yet, but I always look to see if by chance you will be in my area. Your bags are so cute!

My husband and I have started a garden this year and are wanting to start a compost bin. The compost you are giving away would be so useful because it could just sit right on the counter and not look out of place...compared to the bucket I was going to use.

Thanks for the chance to win and the motivation to go green!


Krista said...

I don't compost, but I want to start this summer to feed my veggies and pumpkins. Bonus, my kitchen is accented in red, so this would have a proud spot on my counter.


KiraAJ said...

WOOHOO happy 500th post! Awesome work! I agree with you about composting! I have a huge big recycled compost bin/building lol out the back! i blogged about it when i first got it!It really does cut back on how much stuff you toss out! I was looking at these lil pails on a kitchen sitethe asian cabbage one cracks me up!


Nessie said...

would love this, congrats on 500 posts! I would also love a bag!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I compost! This compost keeper would look so much nicer on my counter than the see-through, uncovered plastic bin I keep it in now.

keri said...

My husband and I compost. We just have a coffee can that we put underneath the sink and we have a bin outside in our yard. thanks so much for giving out free bags to everyone. (I dont have one yet) It's a great way too get people to use the reusable bags. I found fabric in my parents closet and i am in the process of making bags for my friends. I am a teacher and I am always trying to make students aware of helping the environment. Thanks so much. Keep spreading the beautiful word. Peace and Love.

sweetpea said...

You are such a good influence! I do not compost BUT want to start! This would be my push! Not to mention it matches my kitchen! You are the green princess!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 500 posts! I already have a bag, but would love the compost container. I use a coffee can now but this red one is so stylish. It reminds me of a fire hydrant, which reminds me of my son who is a wildland firefighter. Thanks for the chance to win.

~Deborah in Michigan ~


Anonymous said...

Happy 500th post! That's exciting news! I think the compost bucket is adorable! LOVE IT! We do compost and usually fill something that's going into the recycle bin... dump the kitchen leftovers and recycle the bowl. But a bag would be great too! I've been watching to see if you were in an area near us during our travels, no luck as of yet.


Wendy said...

Hey there! I have to say, composting is the one final recycling hold-out for me. I can't think of a thing I don't already recycle...except for food. BUT, I have had a veggie garden for two years, so this is something we could really benefit from doing. I'll have to read your tips on it, since I'm not really hip to the how-to's of it all. Thanks! (using our Green Bags, with joy:)


Sudha said...

wonderful too see the 500th post...u r my hero....yippie....i compost in a carton picked up from costco and use the "manure" in my tiny balcony garden....would love to share the loot...but no takers around me as of now...:)

and what is this deal linking the bag with this bin ??..mmm interesting..I have your bag...i am sure i m already out of the race...lol....but greedy me!! here is my email...


sella_瑗玲 said...

Hello. I just found your blog when I was reading Bakerella's post about your Valentine's Day card. That was really sweet and adorable, really! :)
Then I went to your page. Well, I was really impressed and surprised to see this all.
You are really devoted! Seriously, you are very great. You go green in a sweet and cute way. I love seeing the posts and photos from people worldwide that use your bags. It must be very happy to have a lot of friends all over the world.

Well, I don't compost since I don't have garden or yard. But seeing this blog, I really want to start doing something green.
So, I'd like to join :)


Rocketgirl said...

my g/f turned me onto your blog! how wonderful! my hubby & i have rid our home of plastic bags... & composting is a fantastic idea! my g/f and i have recently embarked on a "healthy eating" journey...and with the added fruits and veggies scraps, i think i could be a composting whiz!congrats on your 500th post Green Bag Lady!

Sonja said...

I compost! I have a small metal trash can(with a pop up lid and removable bucket for easy cleaning). I then walk it down to the bin, or the compost bin. I even get shredded paper from work!


Susan said...

I have been following your posts for about a week. I am amazed at the amount of green bags that you have given away. I recently inherited alot of my mothers fabric! I will have to post a pic soon. I'm runnning out of ideas with what to do with all this fabric BUT now I am going to try your bags and give them away as well. I don't have a bag but would love to have one.

Susan said...

oooppsss...forgot to put my email. que(dot)65(at)hotmail(dot)com Thank you!

Susan said...

and again..I blogged about you at the following address http://heknowstheplanshehasforus.blogspot.com/

The Counsils said...

This is an AWESOME give-away! Congrats on the 500th post!

I've actually been thinking about starting to have a compost container like this. It would be really cool to win one AND teach my 3 almost 4 year old twins how to recycle more things than just paper, plastic, glass and metal.

thanks for the chance!


Spinnaker said...


WOW! Love what you are doing, just found it via Harmony's page. She just visited my store where we sell beautiful locally made clothes, baby accessories & bags made from her gorgeous organic fabric! http://harmonyart.com/about/journey.html has a picture of Harmony at my store a couple days ago. This is how I found out about you!

I sew a variety of bags for my store and have been planning to sew shopping bags out of remnants to give away, never can find time, but you have seriously inspired me! I just had a vision of having a bag sewing party with a bunch of friends/mamas - I bet we could have so much fun and whip out a bunch!

Back to compost! Love the look of the compost keeper! Have lusted over those for ages but have never seen a red one, oooo, so pretty, matches my kitchen floors perfectly!

I use a Green Cone compost "digester", works great and for folks like Andrea who posted that she only has a 10x6' yard, it's perfect (as long as you have soil, it needs to be "planted"). You can even put dairy, oils/fats, meat in it because it heats up and breaks the food down. It's also air tight so doesn't smell, keeps kids, animals, vermin out.

Again, so inspired and grateful for the wonderful work you do! I can't find an email on here for you, can you drop me a line, I'd love to be in touch and get involved in Green Bag Lady movement.

Mahalo Nui Loa,
Spinnaker, Owner of Symbiosis Eco-Boutique, Honoka'a, Hawaii.


Alexis said...

I love checking in with your blog everyday. Congrats on the milestone.

We compost here daily. It is a service provided by the city. We have large green bins in the yard that get picked up bi-weekly for 3 seasons and weekly in the summer. They also provide a small bin for in the kitchen use. What is neat is that they belong to the property and when you sell your house they stay.

We also use one of these from Lee Valley as they are really easy to keep clean and odor free.

Please do not enter me in the contest or for a bag (I've been sewing up a storm). I just wanted to share about our composting.

Looking forward to your next 500 posts :)

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Gretel said...

Amazing and congrats on 500 posts!

Anna said...

I'd LOVE this on my counter! Right now we do not compost, but are planning a small garden for the summer, so will definitely be starting soon! aehaas (at) gmail(dot)com

Misty Albany, Oregon said...

I love to compost but the bugs are not loved. Hope it catches on. Love to watch the bag numbers grow on your blog too.

clairebakescakes said...

This would look so great in my kitchen, LOL! And I love red, it reminds me of LOVE.
Congrats to the one that wins this and hopefully it will go to a great home :-)
clairepfendler at yahoo dot com

Gretel said...

Amazing! Congrats on your 500th post. This is much more attractive than the bucket I currently use.

gvanwalterop (at) gmail (dot) com

Grace said...

500 posts and so many bags (I just used mine at the grocery store yesterday)! you guys rock!

We already compost but cetainly don't have a compost container that fancy!

gracescotkeith at hotmail dot com

Bre said...

Congrats on your 500th post!

Conveniently my kitchen is red already:)I currently have a compost pile in my backyard, right next to my vegetable garden:)


Danielle said...

500 posts, That's Awesome!!

I use to compost, but now that I moved to a new home I have to start over again. I'll probably rebuild a small box to compost in, once I have my garden perimeters staked out.


Angela, Bryan, Ella said...

congrats on your 500th post!!

we do not currently compost but I think this cute container would certainly give us the "nudge" we need!! Thanks for the chance to win!!