This is the face. . .

of a SUPERHERO! I kid you not. Meet Marisa. She is a Superhero. She lives in Los Angeles. I have never met her in person. In fact, we have only emailed a half dozen times. Why is she a Superhero? Well, she SAVED the day. Friday to be exact. Green Bag Lady had its first remote event in Los Angeles last night. 6 hours before the event, the person in charge of manning the table called in sick. UGH. What to do? I emailed anyone and everyone I know in California (ok, 3 people) to see if they knew anyone who could go to this event and represent us. I have to say, all three got back to me within minutes of my pleading email and Marisa said, "Yes, I think I can help you out." I leaped for joy at seeing those words.

2 hours later I was on the phone with the lovely Marisa ironing out the details. She went to the event, gave out 150 bags and did all the recording herself. Whew. I am eternally indebted to her. I hope one day I get to meet her, give her a huge hug and then run to her closet to see where she hides her cape, mask and those cool bullet proof bracelets (Wonder Woman)!

Marisa, you are my hero! XO--Teresa
Now that I have gushed about her, you HAVE to go check out her blog. It is amazing. She has vowed to wear a new outfit every day for a year. BUT, she is only going to spend $365! WHAT? Yes, she takes things that the rest of us would normally give away (or burn) and turns them into the most lovely outfits. Well, it does help that she is gorgeous and can wear a burlap sack and make it look great. Check this out:

Before photo, weird scary nightgown/dress???

After photo. . .adorable!

Now, I hope you are all in awe of Miss Marisa, Superhero, possessor of many powers, none greater than being extremely sweet. :) Teresa


Blissful Nibbles said...

i just visited her site and i must admit, i was in awe. :o at times i wish i could sew. :D

Kelly said...

how inspiring! Thanks for sharing the site. I have bookmarked it and looked through all the great pictures. What an incredible idea and what talent! I also shared it with a friend's daughter who wants to be a designer. I thought this would be something great for her to try doing!

Harmony said...

Marisa, any hero of Teresa's is a hero of mine! THANKS for saving the day. I enjoyed checking out your blog/project. :)