Very cool bags!

These are so cool, I had to share. I could afford the first one, but the suit tote, I will be digging in hubby's closet for an old suit and make my own, who's with me??

Recycled Street Banner Bags--$19

Look closer. These aren't your run-of-the-mill nylon shopping totes. These cool, modern bags are created out of street banners taken from Seoul and made by an eco-friendly non-profit shop in South Korea that specializes in creating one of a kind hand-crafted goods out of generally castoff objects. Instead of going to the dump, the banners are re-purposed into beautiful and durable bags with wonderful typography and splashes of colors. Each bag is one-of-a-kind in the world! No two are alike in color, stitching, or material origin. We can't possibly show all the images of all the bags, but trust us, the bags are wonderfully fresh with cool type and great colors. You'll be thrilled to receive a bag that no one else has in the world.

Scott - Recycled Suit Tote--$250

Named after Janet Poketo's dad, this 100% recycled tote includes neatly stitched leather handles (also created from recycled leather couches), and a convenient pocket inside to carry many of your daily essentials. You can rest assured that each tote was given personal TLC by an artist who carefully “tailored” the bags, giving the clothing a second chance at life. This rather eccentric and unconventional bag enriches the range of what can be done with recycled material and creates a bold new look with a glance to the past and a strong vision into the future. Another ingenious creation by Korean non-profit design shop, Eco Party Mearry, these bags will turn heads and help our planet in the process. One of a kind.


- - Sheryl - - said...

Love the street sign bags!!! Hmm... now to raid our town hall - LOL

inday_adin said...

Those bags are so creative! I love the street sign bags. It's like they're meant to be that way. :) Creative!

clairebakescakes said...

The suit bags are adorable. I already asked my hubby if he still fits the suit in the closet and he just gave me a funny look. LOL!
I will definitely be making this :-) soon.