Congratulations Winner MEL! spit out number 13 for the winner of the Compost Keeper.  Congratulations Mel! I guess 13 is your new LUCKY number!

Thank you to everyone that entered. I will keep checking at TJ Maxx for more of them to give away. That is where I have found the last 2 for freebies, so check there, they are only $18 as opposed to $32 on line.

Also, anyone who entered that does not yet have a bag will get one, you will be contacted by Bagette Dad soon and he will send you a bag!  How great is that?  Everyone wins!



MosaicMagpie said...

Congratulations Mel, I went back and read your comment. You deserve congratulations for more than winning this giveaway, but for also beating cancer. Good luck with getting the family to eat healthier.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

You are so sweet Debbie! I am happy Mel won too!