France bag!

Hi Teresa....

Just thought I'd send you some pics of me n' my green bag in London... Next stop-- Scotland and Ireland!!!

Hope you had a nice summer...

Take care, 
Leesa in France

Well folks, Leesa wins the award for sending me the most photos of her and her bag! I love it (and at the same time very jealous of that well traveled bag)! Keep them coming Leesa, and those of you out there who have not gotten around to it, get going and send me a photo!!!!  Teresa


islandgirl4ever2 said...

CUTE!!! Thanks so much for posting the pics of me and my fav. green bag!!!
I also took it to Germany/Austria-- and to Brittany (France) so far this summer! It's already packed in my suitcase for Scotland/Ireland tomorrow!
I almost feel like the bags like a "Flat Stanley!" I will take some more pics and send them your way!

Thanks so much!


Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

More useful than Flat Stanley I would imagine! Keep is up Leesa, I love it!

islandgirl4ever2 said...

Yes! MUCH more useful than FS!!! I agree!!! You wouldn't believe the shopping I've done all over the place with that bag!!

Thanks again!!