Best Bag Photo Shoot Ever!

This is the best bag photo shoot I have yet to receive. It is complete with a picturesque backdrop, enthusiastic models and even a close-up! Inspired? Send me a great photo of you and your bag for me to post! Teresa

Hi Teresa

I took my lovely new bag out for a walk today in the park... We even have our own Chateau here (pictured in the background). It's not really IN Paris but in the south suburbs of Paris in Antony/Sceaux. This is the Parc de Sceaux, a very beautiful park... I've put pictures of it on my blog. Thanks sooo much for the bag.. You can see that I matched my outfit accordingly! I did my shopping after the park and stuffed it FULL with groceries... The fabric is very heavy duty and great quality/great pattern/great sewing!! I'm very happy with my new bag and I thank you again.. and for sending it all the way to France!!


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Leesa said...

Hi Teresa!!

Thanks!!! Glad you liked the shots! I thought it would be fun to put my favourite park in the background AND it was a beautiful day, to boot!!
Thanks for your kind words -- I do a lot of photography as you can see from my blog... Living close to Paris is nice because I can visit when I like!

Have a GREAT day and thanks again so much for the lovely bag!