Hard to Stomach. . .

A 30-kilogramme lump of the intertwined remains of plastic bags and plastic rope is not exactly pleasing to the eye. So why would anyone want to put it into an exhibition hall, let alone pay to ship it all the way from the UAE to the US?
Yet this is exactly what the American artist Ann Savageau is doing, to make a point.
The plastic rock once filled the stomach of a camel. It grew gradually as the animal grazed on discarded plastic debris, eventually blocking its stomach and causing a slow and agonising death.
The artist's message is simple: avoid plastic shopping bags, which are on average only used for 12 minutes each, and opt for reusable ones.
"I want to make it very tangible to people, to show them what happens when you buy plastic bags," said Dr Savageau, who is also an associate professor of design at the University of California, Davis.
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