Last Minute Gift Idea

Photograph by Mike Sutton Brown, Your Shot
I heart National Geographic. Can you tell? I am always posting photos, articles and links from their website. I get the magazine and am a subscriber to the site as well. I love it. I really do. I remember growing up and having all the ones we got in the mail lining the bookshelf in the upstairs hallway. It was a pity to recycle all of them when we divested my parent's house after my mom passed away. The library already had too many.

For only $15 you can give someone a subscription! Adult or kid, they have magazines for both! My kids LOVE NGKids. And, of course, I love the adult version.

Happy Holidays! Teresa

P.S. I get absolutely no compensation from NG for this, I just love the magazine! :)

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tracyp said...

My daughter received the kids mag for her birthday and LOVES it!