Reusable Bag Etiquette. . .

Reusable bags
Photo: Tim Samoff/Flickr
From Robin Shreeves at Mother Nature Network

  1. Empty bags completely after use.
  2. Wash all bags regularly, after every use if necessary.
  3. Use bags that are easy for the cashier to fill.
  4. Place your reusable bags at the front of your grocery order on the conveyer belt so the cashier knows you have them and want them to be used. Don’t freak when the cashier starts putting your groceries in plastic bags if you haven’t let her know you have reusables.
  5. Separate all bags so the cashier can easily grab each one as needed.
  6. Open bags that fold up into themselves while you are waiting in line. Don’t make the cashier wait for you to open them or worse, make the cashier open them.
  7. Let the cashier know how you want your order handled if you don’t have enough reusable bags. Realize it’s your fault for not bringing enough and politely say something like “I’d like the remaining groceries to be put in paper bags, please.”
  8. Remember when you bring reusable bags that many cashiers see you as a representative of all environmentalists. Being on your “high horse” can turn people off wanting to do good.
  9. Show respect to your cashier by saying please and thank-you, helping to bag, smiling, and staying off your cell phone while she is waiting on you.
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Line said...

Interesting post... especially as here, in France, this kind of situation would NEVER happen: a cashier taking care of your good for you?! No way!
You're in charge, guys!
One common point though: we do appear as an (extreme) environmentalist by using not reusable but fabric bags (reusable plastic or sometimes jute are the rule in France).

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...


Thank you for the comment. It varies from store to store here. In the sorth parts of the US you are on your own, there are no baggers, but here in the south there is always someone to help you.

The reusable plastic and jute bags are great too. I don't care what they are made of, just that people use them!