One last thing before I leave Argentina…

A nice photo of the little Green Bag Lady doll that Adry made. I mean, c'mon, how sweet is she?
I heart her. Teresa


Anonymous said...

The doll is unbelievably cute! So glad you made it safely thus far. I'll be checking in every day!


harmony said...

Love it! Smooth sailing. :)

ViVy said...

She's a little Teresa.

Gabyta said...

Hi Teresa, how are you?
Hope you like Argentina, saw you were with Adry in Buenos Aires.
I congratulate you for the work you do is really admirable. (Of course, I have a green bag lady to use a lot)
I live in a city called Mar del Plata to about 4 hrs by road from the Federal Capital. If one day return to our country, I would love to meet you.
I am sending you a big hug.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...


Thank you for your comment. It would be great to meet you too! I will let you know if I get back to Argentina!