Simplifying Your Life

Meet Melissa. She blogs over at Checkout Girl. She makes lovely pieces out of felt and sells them in her Etsy shop. A few weeks ago she wrote a post about the stuff in her life and how, over the last 5 years, she has made a diligent effort to simplify what she owns. I so enjoyed reading about it and asked if I could share it with you wonderful readers.
Click HERE to read Melissa's post.
Then, because of the response she got to that post, she has now done follow up posts sharing various parts of her home and things that are important to her and where she got them (many gifts, thrifted items, etc).
Here are the follow up posts: BEDROOM, LIVING ROOM, and recently, HER STUDIO. I'm curious to see her kitchen…

Think of how much simpler all our lives would be if we had only what we really need and what is truly special to us. Kudos, Melissa and thanks for letting us have a peek into your lovely home! Teresa