From Aunt Frances…

This week the mail brought a fun package from the Fabulous Aunt Frances. Look what it contained…

Bags for my trip to Chile! She made them all. The white one is for my passport and money so I can have it around my neck under my clothes for safe keeping. How thoughtful! And, the big bags with longer handles to throw over my shoulder and all the little drawstring bags for misc items. I think some of my cameral lenses would like to live in those! They have never had such a pretty home. Thanks Aunt Frances, you are the best! And, happy 89th birthday! Teresa

PS, I first wrote about my Chile trip in THIS post. But for those of you that are new here I am on sabbatical from my University for the semester. I will be going on a marine research vessel (the Sea Dragon) off the coast of Chile for 2 weeks to study plastic in the ocean. I will be photographing and doing some video as well. I will be posting here on Green Bag Lady about my experience and sharing photos. I hope you will stay tuned and join me in my big adventure! I will leave February 25.

For more info on plastic in the ocean, go to:

5 Gyres
Algalita Marine Research Foundation

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Harmony said...

Happy Birthday aunt Frances!!! You are lucky to have such a talented and thoughtful aunt. How nice.