Shrinky Dinks + Divine Twine = FABULOUS!

We are still making Shrinky Dinks here at Casa Green Bag Lady. We love 'em! First time around I made charms for Big Girl and everyone in her cheerleading camp. They adored them! One of the parents even told me that I should sell them. Ha, um, no, not good at selling stuff. Much better at giving away! Surprised?
I dropped off Big Girl at Girl Scout camp yesterday. Whaahaaahaa, I miss her so much! The other two kids and a couple of friends were here making Shrinky Dinks today. I decided to make a camp care package. I made a whole bunch of charms (I don't know how many are in her group) and sent many lengths of Divine Twine. I hope they like them!
For these charms, I used the white Shrinky Dinks and wrote on BOTH sides. Awesome! To make the perfect ovals, I used an egg shaped paper punch that is about 2 inches high and shrinks to about 3/4 in. The hole is made with a regular paper punch. Jump rings are available at Michael's (also where I got the Shrinky Dinks) and Joann's. Happy summer! Teresa


Kristy said...

Those are so fun and I am loving that twine!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

The twine truly is divine Kristy!