…I am…

--hemming: jeans (for me!) I buy mens jeans, gave up on womens when the whole low rise thing started,  low rise + belly that bore three children = no thank you :)

--teaching: Little Man to sew on buttons (he is SO proud of all his new sewing skills)

--bribing: one of my kids with $1 to turn some bags right side out after handles are freshly sewn on

--stuffing: envelopes with the goods from the last freebie (there are a few hours left if you still want to enter!)

--sending: YOU and your little girls over to enter the freebie on Little Girl's blog, something made by the two of us together :)

What are you doing? Teresa


Kristy said...

Totally relate to the low-rise jean dilemma! :) Looks like lots of fun around there today! We've been reorganizing the book shelves here....always happens after we visit the local used book store...inspiration I suppose! ;)

Off to check out Big Girl's blog with my daughter! :)

I'll be posting about Green Bag Lady and a bag I made using your pattern tomorrow, so hope you'll stop by! :)

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thanks Kristy, also for checking out Little Girl's blog!