Australia Bag!

Hi again Teresa

Here is a pic as promised taken from a hotel room in Santa Monica.  Hope it
is ok.

I had an interesting conversation with the manager of a Billabong shop here
in New York Central. If you are not aware it is a global company which began in Australia and is stilled listed in Australia and they sell clothes and accessories for surf and skate culture. The have a big campaigne against the use of plastic water bottles, as they surfers see a lot of them out in the ocean, he said they also had sustainability commitment and sold board shorts and t-shirts that had a percentage of them made from recycled plastic bottles. I congratulated him and his company for this.

I then asked if they sold goods in plastic bags.  Unfortunately they do! He told me they were considering changing and looking into something else. I told him that if the material is more sustainable and can be reused by the purchaser their advert on the side of the bag goes on advertising when the bag is reused by the owner, and it was their interest to create such bags. He liked the idea very much.

I am going to contact Billabong management when back in Australia.

Alison (McDonald)

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Thank you Alison! You are wonderful. Please check out Alison's fantastic artwork HERE. She upcycles discarded materials into beautiful art. I'm a huge fan! Here is a small sampling of some of her creations…

I'm partial to the bags… Teresa