California Beach Bags!

Dear Teresa,

Late afternoon yesterday after everyone had headed home, we headed to Kehoe- it was a super low tide- not a bit of wind- a perfect sunset. And we quickly collected two bags full of plastic. Our new custom Green Bag Lady bags are GREAT! The mesh at the bottom works really well to separate the plastic from the sand. Just give the bag a shake-shake-shake (shake your booty) and out goes the sand. And the fluorescent orange fabric with the words One Plastic Beach not only identifies our project- it makes us and the bags visible even at dusk. It will be hard to get lost now that we can see the bright glow of the bag hiking along the edge of the surf.

Hope all is well with you- busier than ever?  Whenever you get a chance Electric Works would sure like some more bags to give away.

Thanks and Happy Holidays,
Judith and Richard

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