I'm obsessed with zucchini muffins. This happens every summer when I get loads of zucchini from my CSA. I first posted the fabulous recipe from my Aunt Frances HERE. The only difference is that I have been adding a cup or 2 of carrots. I have also been icing some of them with THIS

Oh my, YUM! I'd share them with all of you if I could! :) Go make some! Teresa


April said...

I made these last week. She's not kidding, folks. They're delicious!

melissa said...

The recipe looks fantastic, yet, the 45 minute baking time is stumping me..I usually bake muffins for 15-17 min. Do they have to bake that long?

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...


Actually, I think that is my fault. That is the time for the bread version of the recipe. It is probably more like 20 min. They are dense so take longer than a fluffy muffin. Just put a toothpick in them to check that they are done and make a note of that time! :)

Thanks for asking. Teresa

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have one... They look soooo yummy!


Green Bag Lady Teresa said...


If I happen to have any around when you pick up the pet beds and your bags, you are welcome to one! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Teresa, for taking a pity on a girl who doesn't know how to either sew or bake! :)


Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Of course Gaia!