Green Bag Lady is teaming up with Sara from The Daily Ocean and Danielle from It Starts With Me. Both of these fabulous women do almost daily clean ups of the beaches near their homes. To make things easier, I made them special beach bags. You can see Sara's here and Danielle's here. I adore that these ladies are making our beaches and oceans cleaner places. I wish more people would pitch in on this effort.

For this freebie we have 12 beach themed bags. The first three are mesh bottom bags similar to those that Sara and Danielle use. The sand shakes right out of the bottom while all the trash remains. We would love to get these into the hands of others willing to follow Sara and Danielle's example by cleaning up a beach near you!
The other 9 bags are fun beach themed fabric to remind us how important the ocean is to Mother Earth and to us.
I love this quote by Beverly Goodman (from a National Geographic interview):
"The ocean, to me, is everything. The surface of our planet is dominated by water. In fact it should be called planet Water instead of planet Earth! The importance of the ocean in the entire Earth’s system of our climate, atmosphere, and daily life is endless. It is taken for granted by many, but every drop of water we drink, every raindrop that falls, has traveled a great distance and is connected to all the oceans of the world. The air we breathe is in part courtesy of the ocean’s photosynthetic properties. The great expanses of the oceans and seas are home to a diversity and range of wildlife and creatures with unique characteristics and ways of living that could be key to our own survival."
These bags have seashells, palm trees and fish on them. It is kind of hard to tell in the photo.
How about it? Want in on this Beach Freebie?

•LEAVE A COMMENT, IN THE COMMENT LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THIS FORMAT: name(at)something(dot)com it is important to spell out DOT and AT so you don't get spam, if you DO NOT leave an email address, you will not be entered in the freebie.

•DEADLINE FOR THE FREEBIE IS 10pm(CST) Tuesday, August 28, 2012. We will randomly choose winners from all the comments. (winners will be posted here and notified by email no later than August 29)

Don't forget to leave us your email!

•Leave a comment and tell us if you do beach clean up in your area. We would love to know! If you send us photos of your effort, we are happy to post them. Or, simply tell us what you love about the ocean!

Again, KUDOS to Sara and Danielle! Teresa

We will ship BAGS internationally.

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65 comments: said...

Wow, I'm really impressed at their beach-cleaning efforts! And what a great idea to make the bottom mesh so that the sand falls out!

I love it!

I love the beach. The rocks I can pick up to look at, the shells, the tiny sea creatures, the vividly coloured seaweed... it's lovely :)

bluepandemonium (at)

Anonymous said...

Oooo....those beach bags are stunning!
I live in central California, a few hours from the coast but I grew up in Hawaii & one of the things I miss most is hearing, seeing & smelling the beautiful ocean.
Take care, Vina


jbp said...

I spent the summer in Florida tending my grandsons and cried for days when it was time to come home. One of these bags would be a fun way to remember a great summer in Florida.
You are Awesome Green Bag Lady.
jbpitcher at hotmail dot com

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Awww, JB you are so sweet, thanks! Thanks to all who have entered so far, tell your friends!

Unknown said...

Girls you are done! Really care about the environment is very important.
This summer, I also went to the beach, and when I went it was a lot of dirt and debris, one very hard to clean the beach, but I tried as best I could, the sand was so much glass from bottles that children cut their feet, but no one wanted to clean up garbage but me. Box of juice under swim right along the shore, and the distant water were plastic bottles! This is so awful! But no one wants to help me clean up all this rubbish = (((

Elisabeth said...

The ocean helps me recharge my battery. Sadly I don't live very close to it but whenever I get the chance to spend some time on the beach I try to clean up at least a small part of it.
Thank you for another great giveaway!

Marina said...

Beach bags are stunning!
I love the beach!!!!!
This summer my family and I were at the beach and saw a lot of garbage: plastic bottles, leftover food, cigarettes. This is terrible! We cleaned it all, but our efforts are not enough (((Let's save our nature!


Anonymous said...

I love the Green Bag Lady, and I love the beach. Wonderful design, would love to win you a handbag.
Thank you for all that you do.


Anonymous said...

I love the beach.I would like to get a free Green Bag Lady.
Thank you.

My address:
Vlasova Katya
Sholmova, 37/4-148
Ulianovsk, Russia

Marivbg said...

Hey. These bags are reminiscent of summer. want this

Marivbg said...

etomoye (at)gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

really love the ocean. I live in Lithuania, far away from the ocean. However, the Lithuanian border the Baltic Sea. We serve it in the ocean. it's amazing. shells, sand, water .... wonderful


Anonymous said...

I love the water. Water is life!
You, as always great. A chudestny your bags!


lilmakarova said...

I'm sure, everyone likes beaches.So do I.The sun,water,sand...All this little things can make a man feel happier and relaxed.But we all should remember this won't last forever, if we don't care a rush and allow to fill this wonderful places with tons of debris.It won't take much time,if you just put an empty bottle in the trash.That's so easy!I do it every time I see this stuff.
Like your job,Teresa.

Daria said...


Sea is the one place, where people can swim without seeing the skyline. In evening water and sky unite and merge, like they are a single whole... It is wonderful, cause every person can dream for a while, that they are not people, they are some wonderful creatures at heart of a sea. But the sun doesn't wait, it is leaving the sky... We sea the horizon, which separates us from our dreams.

And your bags can keep people dreaming)

Daria said...

oh, see*, sorry)

bookwraps by said...

very clever clean up bags!
I do not live near the beach but when we do take our walk abouts we pick up any junk we see along the way...

JLVerde said...

I don't live near a beach, so I don't do beach clean ups. But I do participate in neighborhood clean ups (and have helped out at riverfront clean ups--plenty of rivers where I live!).

That crab bag is so cute I could scream!


Lee said...

Great idea w/ the mesh bottoms! My family would love these - we were just at Lake Superior - Whitefish Point and I had an armfull of trash to recycle - thank you for all your efforts and inspiration!

Andrea said...

I'm always looking for a mesh bottom bag, perfect for the beach! I don't do a regular beach clean up but I am always picking things up whenever I'm there and I get the kids involved, of course. I'm sure there will be plenty more trash to pick up after Isaac is done moving through, too! Awesome bags, as usual!!

campbell4158 AT me DOT com

Darlington Delights said...

Loving the beach themed fabric. Thanks for the giveaway. Kmcassie at gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

While I don't live near the beach, I visit yearly. In the meantime, I pick up the streets of my neighborhood in Missouri. Thank you for all you do! LeeL926(at)gmail(dot)com

Miranda said...

Fantastic work for everything you guys do =)


Anonymous said...

Beach bags are stunning!!
I would like to get a free Green Bag Lady. Thank you.

My address:
Stolyarova Tanya,
Polevaya st.,88-13,
Samara, Russia

Beth said...

Such a great idea! As a Southern Californian until fairly recently, your beach-themed bags really resonate with me.

wordygirl at earthlink dot net

JOJO said...

Ever since I was a wee one my mom would take us to the beach. I would love swimming in the water. Even now going for a swim in the water is very relaxing and well just a plan good workout.
Maybe since the planet is made up of so much water that some how we have been evolved from the oceans. We are made up of 70% water.
I find a lot of people use the water as a way to relax and when a swimming session is done it always makes me a little tired. Like I'm ready to go to bed.
Just a thought.


PavE said...

I want one of these bags for my daughter.

Sarah_L_N said...

I love the smell of the sea, all the salt in the air and how it's always so fresh, especially in wet gusty weather :)
I don't have a sandy beach near me, but the mesh bottom bag is a great idea for those that do!

SunflowerSkies said...

Love the mesh bottoms! Whenever I go to the beach with my family, we all come away with armfuls of trash/recycling, so those bags would come in handy!

Anonymous said...

Kudos to those wonderful ladies! What a fantastic design for assisting with the job!

whw6c8t5m5 AT

Anonymous said...

I love the beach. Live near the shores of Lake Superior. And we seem to always be doing clean up. I would like to win a Green Bag Lady beach bag. The mesh bottom is so creative.

Eric said...

That mesh bottom bag is inspired! My family does beach clean ups on a regular basis. Yesterday while I pulled 18 pounds of trash from the ocean on a dive (fishing line, some ghost net, a glove and beer cans) my wife and son were walking the local beach cleaning up cigarette butts, plastic bottles and all sorts of fun. The mesh bottom bags would be brilliant for the beach clean ups and would make weighing even easier. (My son is weighing and roughly categorizing all the trash for a school project) Thanks for doing what you do.

My email for the give-away is eric(at)heupel(dot)com

Rhonda D. said...

We don't live near a beach, but when we go camping on the river or
lake, we always pick up around our campsite or picnic areas when we
visit. Thanks for the chance to


demiya said...



I pull trash from the lineup all the time. I also pickup up trash on my way to and from the surf. I surf with Sara

The mesh bottom is awesome!


Megan Bayliss said...

Green Bag Lady, please enter The Junk Wave from Cairns, Australia in the draw. I do beach clean-ups every weekend with a view to keeping plastics off the Great Barrier Reef and out of the Coral Sea and South Pacific Gyre. With 46,000 separate pieces of plastic per square mile of ocean, that is a LOT of toxic soup our marine animals are fighting to survive in.

My email is megan at thejunkwave dot com

I will share this with all The Junk Wave facebook followers.

Mass action of individual effort makes for a much safer and cleaner planet.

Thank you, all of you, for the wonderful part you all play in keeping our oceans healthy <3

Bockheim-Myers Clan said...

would love an easier way to keep our beaches clean!

these bags rock!


Anonymous said...

I have not gone to the beach for a long, long time. I love your green mesh bag and would love to have one.

Our supermarkets still give out plastic bags unless you tell them you have a recycle bag with you.

Keep up the good work.
From Satomi
sgoh70 at yahoo dot com

M@E said...

I love summer and the beach. Bags class.

Unknown said...

A nice freebie

Unknown said...

I want to join you and support your idea. I will hope to win

dimonvb said...

Good morning. I want a bag in the style of the beach

Unknown said...

Hi Teresa. I want a nice bag for his girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

Love summer, the beach, the sun. What a pity that we have it already ended. I think one yuudet bags remind me of him

Anonymous said...

Hi, Teresa! Together, you are doing a very good job. I live in the Moscow region. This summer, my friend and I and our children were cleaning the beach from broken bottles, bags and other debris. When some people saw us clean up, they joined us. Together we made our beach is cleaner and nicer. Children play in a clean and we were afraid that they get hurt from shattered bottles and will be playing in the mud. My favorite - a bag with crabs. I would really, really like this. Sincerely yours, Helen. Lenorle19(At)gmail(dot)com

Anonymous said...

The sea, with a bag-it's fantastic! Particularly with marine issues oh this bag is a dream!

Zatskat said...

Great idea to make a bottom mesh bag so the sand sifts out! Love the beach bags too. I was originally inspired by 2 Hands, 20 Minutes folks to pick up and dispose of plastic and other beach debris, and have since found other kindred spirits online: Balloons Blow, Flotsam Diaries, It Starts With Me, and now you! I do this whenever I go to the beach, and also pick up litter along a stretch of road where I live where there is a stream and a lake.


Anonymous said...

Hello! These bags are fantastic! Especially with crabs! Lovely...

We have no seaside in our city, but there are some lakes and city beaches here. Garbage cans are always full there and people leave their trash on sand or even in the water. It's aweful!

Sea, ocean or just lake are beautiful when people are away.


Susan said...

I have heard such wonderful things about your mesh bottom bags from Danielle. Yup, I am lucky enough to know and combine forces with her! We both contribute to a blog called Wrightsville Beach-- Keep It Clean, which can be found at wbkeepitclean(dot)blogspot(dot)com. Thank you very much for encouraging people to care for their beaches!



Sara Bayles said...

This bag is great this would help me a lot. I use plastic bags now when i go on my morning one man beach cleanups. I use some of the colorful plastic debris that i fine to create sculptures to teach others the dangers of plastic to our oceans and marine life. Claudio Garzon

Sara Bayles said...

How do I love the ocean? Let me count the's my neighborhood, my gym, my inspiration, my place, every day of the year. Today was a real beauty, clear warm water, wet salty friends, a pod of dolphins swimming a few feet away. Except today I also I stuffed my wetsuit leg with a two giant handfuls of floating plastic trash. Ugh. I would luuuuvv to have one of these bags to carry in my beach daypack. That way I would always have one handy for impromptu clean ups. I surf Sunset regularly and there is always a lot of trash there, and no trash containers. Its hard to carry all that junk up the cliff. Aloha kai. - Mary Michel

Sara Bayles said...

Hi there! I live on a barrier island off the coast of Georgia called St. Simons Island and every year thousands of UGA fans come here to celebrate GA-FL Weekend...usually the last weekend of October. We're a tourist community, so we're happy to have them, there's just one problem. They like to party on our beach & the mess they leave behind is astonishing! We're talking 6-7 tons of trash in less than a mile of beach after just one day! In response, our community does an early morning Beach Sweep to try & get up all that trash before the tide takes it out to sea. For the past 3 years, my now 5 year old son & I wake up early on the Saturday morning after the big beach party and join a couple dozen others to clean up this mess. I'm hoping to teach him the importance of keeping our beaches and oceans litter free...and I believe it's working. Now, whenever we go to the beach, he always picks up whatever litter he sees and even tries to educate others. I'd truly appreciate it if you'd send - Laura Smith

Sara Bayles said...

Sara, you know how I feel about the beach, sea life, and the water!... those mesh bags are definitely cool!. I may not hit S.M. but I do love Refugio and seem to just out of habit pick up trash if I see it...BTW those printed bags are gorgeous are those for sale???? sweetkalei@(at)gmail.(dot)com. on FREE REUSABLE BAGS FOR THE OCEAN!

Sara Bayles said...

I live on Long Island Sound in Milford,CT. I walk with my 2 year old to the beach all year long, and have always picked up garbage here and there. Last year when Hurricane Irene hit, I was astonished at the amount of trash the Sound churned up and spit out. Water bottles galore- It was so upsetting. The storm along with reading Sara's inspirational blog My kiddo and I have been cleaning up more and more, and just recently thought to myself how we could use a great bag for all trash we remove- In other words I would love one of these if it is possible to get one to CT some how! Thanks! Carrie Pennoyer Kipperman on FREE REUSABLE BAGS FOR THE OCEAN!

Sara Bayles said...

Beach clean ups are part of my regular routine, whether its on my run, walk or surf. I also work with students who love to clean the beach and will be so excited to share these cool bags with them! on FREE REUSABLE BAGS FOR THE OCEAN!

Lindsey Jurca

tracymcc330 said...

Love the beach, wish I lived closer!

Tracymcc330 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Robyn said...

No beaches here, but I could pick up trash along the sandy riverbanks. Robyndadler (at) yahoo (dot) com

Anonymous said...

Love the bags & what you all are doing for the environment!! My husband & I live in North Myrtle Beach, SC & have always taken the time out of our busy schedules to pick up trash(or anything that doesn't belong in the sand) during our weekly walks/visits to the beach. The things I see & find quite honestly sadden & frustrate me so much & I simply cannot fathom WHY people are so irresponsible with taking care of our environment, but more so HOW the ones who litter consciously can perform such an act. Unfortunately, I recently had more back surgery & due to my restrictions cannot bend over for an entire year. But due to my determination to help out any possible way I can with our environment, then I insisted on purchasing a heavy duty reacher/grabber so I could not only retrieve items within my home environment from the floor, but so I could continue to do my part for our environment. For those that's attitude is a "Why bother, no one else cares or they wouldn't litter". It starts with those of us that care enough to do our part and if other see us cleaning up then hopefully others will lead by example. Every little bite counts! Thanks again for all that you do!!

April Wheeler-Andolfi

Carolyn said...

Beach clean up for our area is Sep. 15th. What a great idea for the bottom of the bags!


Anonymous said...

I love the beach and my three children do as well. I have already taught them about cleaning up after yourself at the beach. Love the bags. savanna3e(at)yahoo(dot)com

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic idea! I've been keeping my big seed sacks to collect rubbish when I bush walk, but this would be so much better! And look at all the wonderful people in the comments. All making a difference! Love you folks! Thank you for making me feel so much better; this feeling of fighting a losing battle with litter can be disheartening, but you restore my vim!
Rach Sol Bosch

Reducing the Plastics Footprint said...

lahuellaplastica at gmail dot com

I am so happy that your site was shared with us. We are a group of volunteers who are working to reduce plastics in the West Coast of Puerto Rico. The beaches here are beautiful and give so much pleasure. We work with the SurfRider local chapter to clean the beaches and are trying to get a ban on bags. We do educational campaigns where we pass out donated reusable bags at grocery stores and events. But I love your idea of making our own and will be sharing with the team at next meeting. Thank you. Thank you. PS. Beach bag is awesome idea. Saludos...Leonor Gomez Our website- Reducing the Plastics Footprint-

Carolyn said...

Teresa - where did you find the red crab fabric? I love it!

Juste said...

Wow!!!These beach bags are just amazing!!!
I'm from Lithuania and I have never seen ocean, but I very like sea and beach. I spend a lot of time in summer near the sea and it just amazing: water, waves, sand, shells, stones and air it's the best atmospehre.
When I'm on the beach I never leave rubbish after me and I'm always encourage other people don't leave a rubbish on the beach.
I hope that one day people would understand that rubbish must be placed in the trash!:)


Ledge pt coastcare said...

I would love one but it's prob over - not sur of the date in aust vs where u are. For our beach clean ups check my face book page and our albums- ledge( dot)coastcare we do cleanup oz day and marine debris surveys with tangaroa blue ocean care society
Email ledgeptcoastcare( at) hotmail(dot) com

SiliconSurfer said...

I may be late, but better late than never! I love the mesh bottom for picking up trash! Maybe sometime you can join us at Los Angeles Blue Drinks! You can find us on Facebook. Thanks for what you do! Great work.