New Bagette!

Everyone, this is Gaia. Gaia, these are the best readers in all of Blogland! I met Gaia at the West Nashville Farmers Market at the beginning of summer. She and her husband have a great business. And, Gaia is now my main distributor of pet beds, YAY! She finally came to one of our Sunday work sessions last week. She brought with her the prom dress that her mom made for her out of an old parachute (I have to meet this lady) and yummy Russian chocolate. Yep Gaia, you can stay! Look forward to see you tomorrow! Welcome aboard Bagette Gaia! We heart you! Teresa


Darlington Delights said...

A parachute? Who would have thought!?! Genius!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

I know Kimberly, isn't that wonderful? Gaia said her family didn't have a whole lot growing up in Russia so her mom was really creative with reusing things!