California Event

Last weekend my dear, sweet wonderful friends, Harmony, Ling-Yen, John and Jan all handed out bags in the town of Gualala, California. All of them are lucky to live there, it is gor-ge-ous! But, I'm excited because I get to go visit all of them in July. Yipee! Thanks for handing out bags. I think my favorite photo is of the guy, his bag and is case of Coors Lite! :) Teresa


harmony said...

Small correction... the giveaways were actually in Anchor Bay (Anchor Bay store: and Point Arena Coop: The towns just north of Gualala. :) We had a grand time. None of us could believe how fast the time went. You made many people happy that day - Green Bag Lady!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thanks for the correction Harmony! :)