Pet Bed Donation!

Hi, Teresa!

This is just a quick note that the two newest Scrappy Nappy pet beds are going to Julie Adams in Missouri, who is no less than a true local animal rescue hero!/JulieAdamsDogRescuer.Julie basically serves as animal control in her county and fights desperately to keep dogs safe from the gassing shelters in her state. She cares for hundreds of animals on her own, and with the help of a New England rescue organization her dogs are adopted into amazing homes. Our Middle Tennessee own Snooty Giggles Dog Rescue!/SnootyGiggles?hc_location=stream has just completed a donation drive to help Julie with critically needed dog and cat food, so the Scrappy Nappy pet beds are leaving for Missouri with these supplies tonight. I attached a picture of the beds, along with some wet food and treats, being picked up by Snooty Giggles Dog Rescue at our warehouse.

As always and forever, thank you for caring and contributing so much to the world we ALL, humans and animals, share!


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