Armstrong Redwoods

Of course, I can't talk about California and not mention redwood trees. They are amazing! I love trees and these ones take the cake. Harmony lives right in the redwoods, but my family also visited Armstrong Redwoods SNR. So pretty.
This is Little Man, please note that he is wearing MY SHIRT from playing softball in 2nd grade. Talk about a hand-me-down!

Park History

During the 1870's, this area was set aside as a natural park and botanical garden by Colonel James Armstrong, a lumberman who recognized the beauty and natural value of the forests he harvested. After his death, Armstrong's daughter and the Le Baron family mounted an energetic campaign involving public meetings, rallies and car-caravans to direct public attention to the need to preserve this last remnant of the once mighty redwood forest. Their efforts were successful, and in 1917 the County of Sonoma passed an initiative to purchase the property for $80,000.
The grove was managed by Sonoma County until 1934 when the State took over. In 1936 the grove was opened to the public as Armstrong Redwoods State Park. The grove's status was changed to a reserve in 1964 when a greater understanding of its ecological significance prompted a more protective management of the resource.
 What? 1300 years??
 Hubby and I, Little Man photo cred…
Seeing these majestic trees should be on everyone's bucket list. Teresa

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