Photo Finish Friday

Another GORGEOUS California beach, this one is in The Sea Ranch.
This is interesting.

These are cool.

This is a great DIY, I know Big Girl would love it.

Yummy superfoods! I think they should all have capes!

My husband and I are seriously considering getting one of these.

So sweet. I'd love to have chickens.


Have a stunning weekend. I'll see you back here Monday for a fun freebie! Teresa

1 comment:

Tami C said...

That is a really beautiful beach. I grew up in Southern Florida on the Gulf coast and we never had anything that looked like that. We had beautiful white sand beaches. I hope that some day I'll get to see the Pacific coast.

My husband talked to our condo people and it would be way to expensive to have an electrical outlet in our garage to change a car.

Those chickens are really good looking. I don't think I have ever seen any of that kind. Are you allowed to have chickens where you live?

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