Photo Finish Friday

I adore that this scene is right outside my studio window! Have I told you how much I love aspen trees?

Let's all upcycle old pants!


Nailed it.

NO WAY! Amazing.

This is awesome!

This is the best way I've seen to upcycle a shopping bag.

Have a fabulous, wonderful weekend! I'll be thinking about you. Teresa


Tami C said...

The crow riding on a mayonnaise lid was really cute!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Hilarious! A snowboarding crow!

Burovik said...

I thought these were birches!))

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

They look similar Burovik, but have very different leaves.

Burovik said...

I am in know Teresa. But the leaves are not clearly seen being too small on the photo))

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Well, most of the leaves are gone. Here is a photo from the summer of an aspen tree:

And a leaf close up here: