So Grateful!

Ya know, things are weird. It's as though the universe knows when we are low on fabric. Seriously. It happens all the time. Just when I start to panic that we are running low on bag fabric, boxes miraculously appear on my doorstep. YES! Thank you to all the recent donators:

Mary Alice from Where's My Bag (love the RV fabric!)

Melissa Li (that HUGE roll of lovely PINK!) from Pincushion Sew & Craft (San Francisco, if you are near, GO!)

Meltem Sonmez from Swaville/Mill Creek (huge stack in the front with diamonds, we heart you!)

And of course, my bestie, Harmony!!!

And, some other generous individuals, Kathleen J. and Dee E. Thanks for the yumminess!

You all warm my heart and keep Green Bag Lady in motion. We couldn't do it without you! Teresa

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