THRILLED to announce…

Green Bag Lady CANADA Chapter!!!! WOW!

A few months ago the lovely and amazing Linda Ingram from Chilliwack, Canada emailed and sent this photo:

Hi Teresa,
Nice to hear from you, I would like to know more about setting up a chapter in my area. 
I have a good old reliable sewing machine and I can manage some spare time. My 
concern is the fabric. I have just 1 fabric store in my town and the prices drive me crazy. 
For those wonderful cat/dog prints it would cost me up to $22.00 per yard. I just can't 
wrap my brain around her prices. I've also scoured all of the thrift stores with no luck. 

Thank you for sharing your video, GREAT! I'm already a step ahead of you. My original
plan was to make bags for myself, so I've made your pattern on craft board and I made 
10 bags already. My needs have been met.  I'll attach a photo of my project table, also 
on the pile of bags is my newly won cat bag! (from THIS freebie)

I love your labels!  And any method of sending fabric would be great, I will put it to good 
use. I live 2 hours east of Vancouver, Canada. Anyway.. find my picture attached, this is 
where I am at so far with my Green Bags :)  
Of course, I was thrilled to pieces that Linda was interested in setting up a Green Bag Lady chapter in Canada. We set a few more emails back and forth and I have sent labels and some fabric to get her started.

Here are some of the bags she has made so far:

And, a bit more about the fabulous Bagette Linda:

Hi Teresa,

It's time to share a little about me, afterall,  how can I thank you enough for trusting 
me to join your team of bagette ladies, a complete stranger!

I'm 58 yrs young. My kids have grown up and left the nest. I've sewn since I was about
10 years old. On and off, nothing special. I am my biggest critic and I do try to keep my 
standards high. I also admit I'm not much of a leader..just a hands on person. I'm the 
go-to-person when friends and family want something done. 

So what led me to your blog? Well, a few months ago, my boss asked me if I would sew
for him, some small pillow slips for his dental chair-headrests. I said sure. A "few" turned
into 125 small pillow slips! This project took me about 3 weeks. During that time I guess 
I was going shopping and I took a look at my know the type walmart sells, the 
grocery store type and suddenly they looked UGH! 

Before I finished the pillow slips I found your site and downloaded your pattern THANK 
YOU! I was in that fabric store so fast and I bought red apples, cherries and green 
chrysanthemums.. and I love my new bags! I also read your suggestion about shower 
curtains..and I was lucky to find a new/unused shower curtain with next 
favorite bags. I have shared a few of these beauties with friends and family too! 

I just want you to know, I so appreciate what you do, so I will work towards building a 
Green Bag Lady-Canada bag at a time. 

I will attach a photo of my dolphin bags :) 
Bagette Linda

Welcome LINDA! We are so so so happy to have you as a Bagette. I can't believe it when you say that you are not much of a leader, this is simply not true. Thank you so much for starting Green Bag Lady Canada, all of us could not be more enthusiastic about this!

All of you Canada readers out there. Do you have some fabric that you could donate to Linda? Maybe even some old sheets or a shower curtain or window curtains? She needs fabric and it's costly to ship from the USA. Let's all pitch in and get Canada going with Green Bag Lady bags!

Yippee for Linda, we are so glad you are here. Many hugs--Teresa

PS, look at the great sign she made for when she gives bags away!!!!


April said...

Welcome Linda! I have been a part of the Nashville chapter since the early days and can tell you that it hes the potential to change your life! I hope you will be covered up in donated fabric soon and have several new friends to join you in sewing. Mother Earth thanks you!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Aw, thanks for the sweet comment Bagette April. I love you!

BagetteLinda said...

Wowow, thank you GBLTeresa, and Bagette-April, I'm humbled, really. This project has already begun to change my life. I have so enjoyed creating my colorful bags and I feel so good about giving them way. It's a feel-good-thingy, for sure!
Cheer's to Mother Earth

Tami C said...

Welcome Linda! I guess I found the Green Bag Lady the same way you did. I was a complete stranger when Teresa asked me if I was interested in being in the Colorado chapter once she got moved out here. Of course I said yes!! It has added a lot to my life since joining not long after my retirement. Mother Earth thanks us all!!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Well Linda, only very SPECIAL people are Bagettes! Evidenced by all the ones in TN and elsewhere.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

So glad we found each other Tami!