Update on Special Teacher Bags…

Remember these bags for the teacher and her class? Lauren sent me this photo of the kids and teacher with their bags…
From Lauren:

Here you go :)! Some of the kids were outside but snapped a few and the teacher 
who was so happy!!!

I put fabric markers in each bag for the kids to take home to decorate. They are 
finished with school as of yesterday at noon. This was an intense week of wrap up 
and they are going to decorate them. The kids were precious when we told them 
why they received the bags. Big smiles. I didn't realize though that fourth grade 
(this class) was in charge of recycling for the whole school. They were responsible 
to ensure things were recycled correctly. Very sweet and great lesson. I love this 
school and teacher!!! Love you all too. The teacher thought the bags were so
cool. One particular child fell in love with the second beach tote and so the 
teacher shared the second one with him :). Thank you again for your awesome 

You've made so many happy, Lauren


Tami C said...

That is so wonderful of you Teresa! The kids sure look the are just thrilled with your bags. What a great idea! I'm sure they will keep on with recycling!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thanks Tami, I hope they keep up with it too!