From Bagette Alicia

Bonjour from Montreal!   J.D. and I are up in Canada for a week while the girls are at camp and visiting a friend.   We have never been here before, and I am very impressed.  It's a pretty amazing city.  We went into The Biosphere this afternoon which is dedicated to issues about the environment.  I am sending you some photos of eco-fashions that I thought were well done and a photo of the Biosphere which is modeled after Buckminster Fuller's geodesic dome.  He was an interesting character ahead of his time - you would appreciate him.  

Hope you are enjoying your beautiful Colorado summer! 

Ps - the dresses are plastic bags, pill bottles, batteries, iced tea cans, computer wire and mice, and building materials.

Thanks Alicia, how wonderful. The dresses are great. Thanks for sharing! Teresa

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Tami C said...

Very interesting! I've never seen a dress made from mice!