Poland Bags

Hello Teresa!

Thank you very much for the bags. Today we received the beautiful bags and we enjoy them veryyy much:)
We will draw on them on Monday (should we use markers or crayons ?) (during my lesson) so we will send more pictures.
But there is a problem - more kids and even teachers would like to have your bags :)
I will post an article on a local newspaper about the project and will encourage more people to use fabric bags - but yours are the best :)

Best regards,
School Number 114 Warsaw 


Burovik said...

Jeszcze Polska nie zginęła?

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

They appear to be ok Burovik!

Burovik said...

Teresa, do you read Polish? Or used translator?))

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Google Translate. Only other language (besides english) that I can read is spanish. :)

Ольга Некрасова said...

Very good acrylic paint for painting bags. =))

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

I think they were going to use crayons. :)