Photo Finish Friday

A deer friend in my neighborhood who has a magpie friend on his back!
This is what I want to be when I grow up. Really.

Cool! Thanks Harmony!

And, on a related note. Thanks Sharon!

All of these.

No brainer.

As a tennis player, this is an awesome development!!!!

What's going on in your world this weekend? I have a tennis match tonight and another tomorrow. I will then collapse and eat copious amounts of amazing pizza from my neighbors wood burning pizza oven! Sunday I get to see my bagettes, you??? Teresa


Lori said...

what a lovely picture of the deer. Those shoes are cool. thanks for sharing these with us all. have a great weekend

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thanks Lori--saw the deer taking Little Man to camp and went home the same way and he was still there. Had to get out and take pics!

Harmony said...

I could totally see you as a master penmen. Has there been many female penmens? My grandfather wrote penmanship books. Do it!! I'll be there to cheer you on. Have you met jake yet!?

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

I'll have to look up the whole female penman thing, good question Harmony. Who's Jake?