Sewing Niece!

I posted about my sewing nieces before. My niece, Bagette Caroline, has really taken to sewing bags and is an amazing addition to Green Bag Lady Minnesota. YAY! Look what she recently made. Thanks to my brother, Tom, for the photo and update. Keep up the great work Caroline! So proud of you! The piano bag is great. Auntie Teresa (*note, I sent a piano from here that we were not using any longer to my brother)
Caroline got some music theme fabric from Joann Fabrics. (Thank you Auntie Jane for the gift card!)

She is using her Green Bag sewing skills to make bags for her piano books and added a pocket for pencils and papers.

She will make one for (her brother) Vincent next.

Vincent is starting lessons this week also so it is really nice to have the piano.*  I have replaced the felt and all the main keys and it is working great now.

Thanks for helping get it to us.

Tom and Family

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