Bags for Cookies!

I just LOVE this! My super awesome cousin Jennifer (who is more like a sister to me) had her Girl Scout troop make Green Bag Lady bags to use when giving out cookies. How fabulous is that??? AND, they made 188 of them! Wahoo! Great job girls, SO very proud of you, keep it up! Teresa
We made 188 bags! I'm so proud of them. We'll be giving them away at our cookie booths starting this week. I attached a pic of them from our last mtg with the bags.

More importantly, 3 out of the four now really love sewing. Madelyn (on the left) essentially had her own machine already and the other two got them for Christmas. It excites me to pass this love of sewing on to them. It's part of your mom's and my mom's legacy because they taught me to love sewing. I think of them both every time I sew.....and you too of course! 

Talk to you soon!


Lori Smanski said...

wow, talk about a win-win
quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

I know Lori! I love it!

Peace in Pieces said...

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