New York Thank You

One of our biggest sponsors is New York based Swaville/Mill Creek. They are AWESOME. There are not enough thank you notes in the world to express our gratitude to them. They send boxes and boxes of awesome fabric to all of our USA chapters. Meltem is our main contact there. I'm so glad she reached out to us several years ago when frustrated with sample fabric going to landfills. Dorene, NY-Brewster Chapter coordinator, made these cute bags as a thank you to Meltem. How sweet! Teresa
Here is a set I made as a thank you for all the fabric donations to Green Bag Lady New York and for keeping the materials out of the landfill. 


Evie Bee said...

Very beautiful fabric. It is great that more and more people and organizations support your idea.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thanks Evie, it is wonderful to get support for so many awesome people! :) Thanks for reading.