Photo Finish Friday

About 1/2 of the 2 feet of snow we got last weekend.
My "girls" coming to visit and foraging for food this week. Note how much of the snow is already melted.
Big Girl would LOVE these.

Cool upcycling.

Gorgeous. The elephant!

Beautiful Mother Earth.

To try. And, this too!

Are you lucky? I am.

Hopelessly devoted to pencils. Who knew?

HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!! Today and every day. :)
A very busy weekend at my house. Tonight I get to see Big Girl as the lead in her High School play, yipee! Tomorrow morning I'm giving bags at an Earth Day event, afternoon tennis match, then prom photos. Sunday is a 5K race for Little Man's school and meeting with the Bagettes. Whew, wish me luck! Teresa


Burovik said...

Amusing creatures. They love you Teresa and...probably love your food!)))

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

I like to think they come visit ME Burovik!