Workday Wednesday: Prom Edition

Remember last Friday I mentioned I had a plethora of prom dresses to alter? Well, I finished 5 of them on Friday while I was buried under 2 feet of snow. Photos on that tomorrow. Right after I had those finished, a panicky mom texted me to say that her daughter had a dress that needed a lot of help. Understatement of the year… This dress (pictured below) was a size 10 and the girl was a size 2. Yikes! It needed reconstruction of the bodice as well as hemming.

I got the bodice all fixed and went to work on the hem only to find this…
Oh no! And, it was on the outer layer of the dress. My first thought was to hem it a few more inches so I could cut it off. Only problem was thread. I had bought the only 2 spools at Joann that were the perfect color which is very important when doing a serged hem.

I decided to try cutting it out very carefully with tiny pointy scissors. These are my favorite for this kind of thing.
 Voila! Check it out. After pressing with a warm iron, you can't even tell!
Feeling pretty good about this one. :) Teresa