Photo Finish Friday

Bandlands, South Dakota
Did you notice I wasn't here for a few days? Last Wednesday I was on jury duty and was actually assigned to a criminal case. Gah! Fortunately, we were able to come to a verdict in just one day. Thank goodness because on Thursday we drove to MN to visit family. I got to see my siblings and Bagette Dad too. I even got to meet Bagette Jen who is an integral part of Green Bag Lady MN. She is adorable, of course. We held a 50th birthday party for my big sister on Sunday and then hopped in the car on Monday and made our way back to Colorado via South Dakota. We stopped at the Corn Palace in Mitchell, the Badlands, Wall Drug and of course Mount Rushmore. I'll post more photos next week. I have been to all those places a few times as a kid so I felt obligated to share that part of Americana with my kids! Happy 4th of July weekend! Enjoy! Teresa


Burovik said...

No words how the USA are beautiful! By the way Teresa I come upon your phrase all the time as I open your site-"There is a pattern and a how to video to make your own bags!" Something inside me prompts that there is a slight mistake... Or maybe I am mistaken?

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...


Thank you for your suggestion. I can see why this is confusing for you. The "how to" meant that it was a video that shows you "how to" make a bag. I changed it to DIY now which stands for Do It Yourself. Maybe this will be less confusing to people.


Jamie Frankum said...

Oh yay!!! I've been to Wall Drug a couple of times. Most people have never heard of it. Its a very interesting little town. :-)

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...


Not many people have heard of the Corn Palace either! :)

Nataliia Popova said...

I left a message here, but it dissapeared =(
I wanted to say, that nature looks very nice there. Not usual for me (because I'm used to another type of landscape), but still very attractive and fascinating.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...


Yes, this is in South Dakota that has quite a variety of landscapes depending on what area of the state you are in. Colorado is the same way, very different from east to west.