I'm still cranking away on some pouches for TeresaMade. Elephants! And, more sports too. I have some booth sales coming up and need the inventory!

How cute are these tiny soccer balls?
That's all. Gotta take Little Man to school. He is now playing the bass guitar in the band. He did trumpet for the past 2 years in the band and bass in private lessons. He now wants to devote all his time to bass. I'm kinda sad to see the trumpet go, especially since he is playing the one I used for 5-10 grades! Teresa


Nataliia Popova said...

Pouches look very nice, especially the one in indian style!

As for Little Man, he probably wants to try different things. So, trumpet or bass - it's music, it's great anyway.

P.S. May be he will return to the trumpet in future, who knows? ;-)

P.P.S. Today I've received letter with my recent prizes. I'm so happy, they are stunning! Thank you so much =) And of course, later I will send photo with them.

Lori Smanski said...

these bags are so cute. good for little man. it is good for them to have more than one instrument if they are so inclined. our son did the trumpet from 6th grade to 10th grade. and then he was done. but he still plays it when he is in the mood 20 years later. our daughter did flute from 6th grade thru 9th and alto sax from 7th thru 12th. she still plays the alto sax 10 years later, for her it is a stress reliever, so she plays all the time.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thanks Nataliia--

Oh yes, so happy that he is enjoying music and maybe better to focus on one instrument. I'm looking forward to your photo!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...


I used to sit down at the piano and play a little at my parents house. Now that I don't have access, I don't play at all, not that I was all that great anyway. It was fun to do once in a while though!