Photo Finish Friday

My friends and I had SUCH an incredible time at the concert last Saturday. The Doobie Brothers and Journey rocked the Pepsi Center! So. Much. Fun!
I very much need to do this. Just downloaded the app!

Little Man loves to make these. All the variety!

To make. Soon.


Yum + healthy!

Yum + not-so-healthy.

Where are your plans taking you this weekend? Little Girl has her first volleyball match tonight, looking forward to that. Homemade pizza tomorrow night for the win! You?? Teresa


Nataliia Popova said...

I see you had a lot of fun there! =)))

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

We did Nataliia, it was a blast! Don't tell anyone, but I think the Doobie Brothers rocked the house more than Journey! :)

Nataliia Popova said...

I'm glad about you and your friends -) I know, what it is - to be at the concert of someone whom you adore. Once I was at the concert of Adam Lambert (in Saint-Petersburg, Russia) - that was amazingly great! I was so happy))))))

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Always fun to go to concerts with friends!

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