My CEO Letter

Dear Bagettes, Chapter Coordinators and all my lovely readers,

I just read through these post-election letters that several CEO's sent to their employees after the election.  Inspiring + Bravo!

In reading through them, it hit me. I'm a CEO too! Not that I pay anyone (except for hugs, cyber and real) but I do oversee a large number of international volunteers, which, in my opinion are MORE important than paid employees. Why? Because you all choose to be here and choose to spend your time and talent fighting for a cause without any kind of monetary compensation.

Therefor, in the wake of riots, hurtful comments (from both sides), fear, joy, regret, etc, I just want to say that I am proud of each and every one of you. I am thankful to you for making bags, using them, sharing your photos, sharing your kind words, and ever so gently nudging others to do the same.

I've said it before and I'll say it again and again, without this amazing, beautiful blue and green orb that we all depend on for the basics of life, we have nothing. Nothing. So, instead of bashing people, yelling, shaming, harassing and bullying, let's celebrate the life that all of us have been given and thank Mother Earth for her life-giving support.

Always with love, peace and gratitude,

Proud CEO + founder of Green Bag Lady


harmony said...

Amen. You are my favorite CEO. I'd follow you to the end of the earth... but let's hope that doesn't happen in our lifetime...
Love is power.
You have that in spades.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Aw, Harmony. You won't have to follow me at all, we will be walking side by side. :)

Love you!

Liz Musarra said...

You are awesome Teresa. Thanks for all you do. Here's to peace, love, and treating others with the same.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Thanks Liz! You are awesome too. Many hugs. :)