Photo Finish Friday

Beach rocks and shells in Mexico.
Quite awesome.

Oh, art history!

Crazy stuff, man.

I might need a door knocker or two or three

Wonderful use of scraps.

I'm thinking of adding this to the wall around the entry door from the garage. It's such a hard working space and the wall is constantly dirty. Thoughts?

Ah, the weekend is here again! It came so fast since there was no school on Monday. I was forever on the wrong day this week due to that. Looking forward to a pajama poker party at the neighbors on Saturday. You? XOXO--Teresa


Galina Dmitrivna said...

A pajama party. Cool! And my plans for the weekend, to write poetry with your son to school for the competition)))

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

I hope it has been a good and productive weekend Galina!