Julie Felix + On Wings of Waste + Green Bag Lady!

From Harmony:

Ya gotta love it when your life converges in mysterious ways. Check out this song by Julie Felix - Wings of Waste: http://www.juliefelix.co.uk/ free listen... definitely a kindred spirit with Harmony Art and Green Bag Lady! She left our home with bag # 21,604 made out of "Stumps Speak" organic fabric.

Harmony Susalla
Harmony Art Organic Design

P.S. I know my UK readers will be familiar with Julie! YAY!

P.P.S. On Wings of Waste is SO very awesome!
Their goal:
  • RECYCLE – public support for a recycling campaign
  • RE-USE – the plastic waste is transformed into fuel to be blended with Jet A1
  • REFUEL – airlines use a 10% blend of fuel derived from plastic waste
  • RESCUE – pollution of the world’s oceans is slowed down and eventually halted. 

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