Germany Bag + Plant a Tree!!!!

This is a wonderful note from Varun in Germany. I love it! Let's all go plant trees. NOW! The planet could sure use our help. In fact, if you send us a photo of you planting a tree or trees, we will happily send you a bag. Go. Plant. Nuture nature. Thanks Varun! Teresa

My name is Varun and I'm a student in Chemnitz, Germany. Surprisingly enough, I could not find the city's name in your Green Bag Location. Thus, I request you for a free green bag which cancome very handy for shopping at the campus. I would also like to request you to raise the initiative of raising a tree and sending the pictures of the tree. This can bring awareness on the importance of green cover in parts of the world where concrete jungles are abundant.

I have experienced a gradual shift in the climate of my hometown thanks to the modernisation drive. I think sustainable, green living is possible but people need to be made aware of. We did our part by planting 3 Indian beech trees infront of our home. I really wish people took it seriously.

Thanks a lot for your wonderful initiative of trying to reduce the
usage of plastic bags and I want to be a part of this change and spread this message to my friends.

Thank You

Hello Ms. Teresa,
I apologise for the delay in sharing the picture but I have been using the bag regularly for my purchases. I thank you for this wonderful initiative.

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