Photo Finish Friday

Photo of the recent 8 inch snowfall by my tennis friend (and great photographer!) Lucretia Birkhaeuser.
Lovely article. Thanks Varun.

Wow, wow, wow!

THIS could not be more true.

This is the sweetest thing I've seen in a while.

Oh wait, this is! Watch the clip.

And, update on the Whole Foods geese! (love what they named them!!!)

Photo by my friend Betsy Bellissimo (thanks for the update Betsy!)
Well, we were supposed to go to Big Girl's graduation ceremony at Red Rocks Amphitheater tonight but things changed (above photo). We will be at a different venue, but still bitter sweet. Can't believe my first born is going off to college in the fall. When did those 18 years go by? I will be attending several grad parties tomorrow too. I'll share my stand by grad gift with you next week. Have a great one! XOXO--Teresa

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Would love to have one of your plaid bags...........Have your pattern, and will be making them during the summer with my grand nieces....