Photo Finish Friday

I'm never going to stop posting photos for the sky here so you better get used to it! :)
What a nice article about Bagette Kathleen (Nashville).

I need these in my life.

Anyone tried these? I'm thinking they would be great for travel this summer.

Colorful donut party!

Cool house. Staircase!


Well, well, here we are at the weekend again. The weekends never seem quite as special in the summer, do they? I mean, they are still nice, but since my kids are around during the week, it blends into one big weekend all summer! Love! I just made a big batch of chocolate chip cookies and pizza dough for grilling tonight. We are having some friends over which is sure to be fun. It should be a lovely night on the deck! YOU? Teresa


MissesStitches said...

those shoes look interesting. any more info on them?

Maria said...

Those shoes look like they'd make nice slippers. But they are awfully expensive for slippers even if I do need a new pair! The "running" shoes are cute.

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Misses Stitches, the link will take you to their website and you can scroll down for more info and some videos about the shoes. I'm thinking they would be great for traveling!

Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Maria--I agree, I think the slip ons look like slippers and not a style that I am interested in for every day wear, the joggers on the other hand look super comfy and I think would be great for traveling and certainly look better than the ruling shoes I usually wear to the airport! I like the all black or the grey ones. I would probably go with the all black as they will never look dirty! YAY!

Валерия Михайлова said...

Very beautiful bags!