Wonderful Wendy

Last week I got an email from the super sweet Wendy. She had lots of fabric she wanted to donated to Green Bag Lady. And, she lives in Boulder, CO! I told her I would be in Boulder on Monday speaking if there was any way she could meet me. She met me at MECR with her car full of yummy goodness! Oh my! This is one of the most colorful fabric donations to date!
 Check it out!
 So may pretty colors, patterns, fat quarters, etc.

Wendy even took the time to look up the pattern and determine that some of smaller pieces would be great for handles. She put all those pieces together and marked them for me!
The ironic thing about this whole donation is that I was just thinking that I needed more fabric for freebies. Currently, I have a lot of home decor fabric which makes AWESOME bags, but sadly is too thick (expensive) for shipping. I was really low on quilting cottons, especially nice ones for freebies. Then, the universe put Wendy in my life, problem solved! Thank you universe and thank you Wendy, you are both amazing! :) Teresa

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