Workday Wednesday

It's been a few weeks since I did a Workday Wednesday and it's not for lack of work! It's because I have been doing too much sewing as of late. And, it's not fun, pretty stuff, it's a lot of hemming and other general alterations (think Homecoming) etc. But, there has been a break in the action and I was able crank out some fun things.

Like this pouch for Harmony out of scraps of her own fabric
Speaking of Harmony, here are more pouches for her (out of her fabric!) for the Dolphin Gallery to use for daily receipts. 
And, do you remember this post? And, later, this one? Well, someone finally convinced me to sell one of the "baby-dinosaur-hatching-out-of-an-egg" costumes and here it is!
I love the pink and purple! So sweet! It will be for a 14 week old for Halloween. :)
Ever wonder how the themes of the freebies start? Well, here they are in all their glory. Basically, I get fabric donated, and more fabric donated when I realize I might have enough for some type of freebie. This is 5 freebies stacked up and ready to be sewn.
And, here are the bags for 4 freebies ready to send to Bagette Dad. These have been sewn, photographed and labeled. Whew! Can you guess any of the themes?
 I made some patchy goodness for the etsy shop. Man, these were fun!
You would think I could rest, huh? Nope, more to do so I gotta run. Hope all is well in your world! Happy Thursday! Teresa


Lori said...

wow all your projects are wonderful. I really love that dinosaur costume. If I had a little one I would buy that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lori! :)